Skydive Taft

Skydive Taft offers an experience that you'll never forget - free falling & parachuting over Southern California!

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Skydive Taft has have been serving the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Bakersfield & Central Valley for decades with a spotless safety record. We offer amazing views of the untouched California landscape, with the Pacific Ocean to the west, the San Andreas Fault, and the San Joaquin Valley to the east.

Our highly experienced staff value safety above all else so our customers can focus on having the time of their lives! We also offer modern student gear and the fewest weather delays for skydiving in California!

As a comprehensive USPA Training Center we offer a complete student program where becoming a licensed skydiver is just the beginning. We want everyone to experience the sport of skydiving, so come out and have a great time in the air or on the ground at California's friendliest dropzone!

Tandem Skydiving

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Experience the thrill and excitement of free fall! After a training brief you'll free fall harnessed to a professional instructor from over 2 miles above the Earth, reaching speeds over 120 miles an hour!

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Learn to Skydive

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Get trained to skydive solo. Start with ground school then jump with 2 professional instructors: a minute of solo free fall followed by opening & piloting your own parachute!

Jump solo 8 jumps


Licensed Skydivers

Jump year round and take advantage of our great facilities! We fly to 13,000 feet, support all the main disciplines and have gear to rent if you need it.